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Exercise for a worry relief

I wrote this as a reminder for one person and I am posting it here in case it can help someone else, too, bearing in mind the exercises are put together during the one to one coaching session, i.e. conversation, assessing what works for that particular person considering her specific issues and phase in life. You can use this exercise as a relaxation aid while being responsible for your own cognitive, emotional and behavioural patterns. This is not a replacement for any specific professional help one may need. Some elements may need explanation for you and they will be marked with Note To Visitor (NTV). 1.Allow it Fighting the worrying thoughts can create more stress, worry and resistance. Allow them for now. Place your hands on your forehead, tips of the fingers touching in the middle (neurovascular points) and pay attention to your current thoughts, not even trying to get rid of them. Stay in that position until the deep breath. (NTV: “a deep sigh” that occurs on its own, usually 1 to 5 min). 2. Consider Relax your hands and shoulders (let them “drop”). Focus on breathing “from your belly” and remember the idea that this particular worry may be thoughts you believe to be true, your own reconstruction of past events, your imagination of future. It may not be even close to reality. Ask yourself: Is it a reality I want? Remember the importance of Direction, belief systems and the RAS (Reticular Activating System) (NTV. The reason for mentioning of belief systems and RAS in this particular case would take a whole other article. This exercise can be helpful without going into it right now). 3. Focus on the Direction (NTV: the elements of the Direction are worked on during a one to one session and one of them is the decision how she wants to feel in life in general and in situations of particular worry. Choosing Direction is a complex and important part that includes examining the personal meanings each person assigns to a specific word and state. Without going deeper into it at this moment and for the purpose of relaxation only, you can simply decide that you want to feel calm and remember a situation when you last felt calm or imagine what it would be like to feel calm. In your mind see yourself calm. Notice what your body looks like when you are calm, how are you breathing, what is your facial expression etc. ) After you examine all the elements of your Direction focus on your breathing for a minute and then go back to the Direction for another two to three minutes. Now go through the Questionnaire (NTV: Questionnaire is also a part of the work done during the actual one to one session and specific for each person. For the sake of relaxation only, you can still follow the line of these questions and answering them for yourself) : Are these thoughts/worrying supporting the Direction? Are they helping me living the Direction? Are they real problems I, personally, can/have to work on/act upon right now? If they are real problems, remind yourself that you will best solve them in a calm state. If they are imagined, i.e. constructions of a fearful state, allow them to pass and focus on the Direction and breathing. 4. Move (on) Finish with the Meridian flush, the Energy routine and use olfactory reminder (NTV: Physical movement is important part and it is different for every person. Some take walks - even a few steps at home are good, some engage in some other physical exercise). This particular person loves these two routines by Donna Eden.

Make sure you do your own movement / physical exercise that will work for you. Olfactory reminder: a scent that is picked as a helpful tool during the coaching session. For this person it turned out to be bringing to her nose an open bottle of organic wild lavender essential oil).

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