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Privacy Policy

All information on this website is intended for independent individuals capable of a healthy, self-beneficial discernment, who take full responsibility for their own well-being (mind-body, economy, etc health and safety in all aspects of life).

Every individual using the information on this website or from our written or spoken interactions is doing so at her / his own discernment.


About technical data being collected, please visit this link:

Any data that I, as owner of this website receive from anyone, is used for communicating with that individual once she/he sends e-mail through the contact form. Their data (name, phone number, e-mail address and anything they wrote in the message serves to contact them and reply to their e-mail and for further communication between us.


Every individual is responsible for her/his own privacy regarding internet data transfer, phone calls and any way of communication between us, in general. Some examples of our communication may be used as inspiration in my writings ( articles, short stories ) with names and basic data changed so their privacy in that area is protected.

By continuing to browse this website and by sending a message it is implied the individual has read this and agrees with the above.


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