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Utilising the power of the mind - visualisation during times of physical movement restrictions

Yes, “we are all in this together”

and yes,

“we create our own reality”.

Each in their own way, creating internal representations of the given circumstances.

In challenging times I keep reminding myself:

I am response - able for my own, individual interpretations and my personal experiences in any circumstances.

I am the one who feels this or that, I am the one believing or not believing someone else's opinion and thought that appear, I am the one creating the meaning out if it base on previous personal or hear-say experiences or any imagined ones.

No difference with this (global) limitations of physical movements.

No one and nothing can limit the freedom of my mind (unless I allow it).

So, I can’t do my favourite walk by the sea?

I have other ways.

I’ve had them since I was a child (and often being referred to as being “unrealistic” - glad I stick to my ways, anyway ).

These days I am doing more than just walking, in my mind, as I have done many times in life when my physical movement was restricted due to various ailments / illnesses long time ago.

In my mind, I am swimming, exercising on uneven bars, flying around the gym equipment ( like a monkey high on sugar? ;) ).

All in my mind.

Remembering the times in the gym, from when I was a child to the recent experiences, and recreating them in my mind. Visualising.

I even go further and imagine having some "newly acquired physical abilities". Imagining.

Holding that bar for a bit longer, doing that flip with a bit more elegance... Having fun!

Being completely “unrealistic” and loving it!

However - my entire body / muscles react to a well done visualised swim (real time pace of visualisation)) as if it’s done physically (even with occasional onset of muscle soreness when I’m “too eager”), feeling refreshed and energised.

So it’s been since I was a teenager - first tried it after reading about Australian psychologist Alan Richardson and the experiment with the basketball players.

Placebo or not, feels good & fun to practice more while #stayinghome . ...

Insulation in times of isolation.

We are all in this together, while we each create our own individual internal experience / response.

And “global” experience is made of multi varieties of personal / individual experiences.

Awareness of individual abilities of self-management influences global experiences...


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