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Bura and Jugo

Bura and Jugo. Two strong winds at the Mediterranean seaside with opposing effects. Both useful for inner and outer surveying, assessments and maintenances.

Bura (wind from the NE) pulls the focus to the outside, Jugo (wind from the SE) nudges towards introspection. Bura is sunny (golden needles!) cold, dry and poky. Jugo is cloudy and warm, humid and soft, round - still strong gusts but feels more as if large baloons filled with water are hitting objects. Bura is like needles. Both are strong agents that shake everything vigorously: all nature and human made structure is being teased, shaken, pulled; sometimes tearing apart, casting away all old and unstable parts… Bura can be utilised for cleaning and cleansing the physical environment, in a more energetic way. Jugo can support sifting and sorting elements of the inner atmosphere in a slower, gentler way ...

Jugo, mixed media

Bura effect, mixed media


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