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Happiness as a result of determination (choice of focus)

Morning mist clearing up............

I just showed this photograph I made this morning to someone who then asked me: “Are you happy?” referring to my current circumstances / environment. This person knows how much I love the daily joy of witnessing wonderful dynamics of Nature in this environment but also knows many “facts” that are currently part of my life and that can make me miserable.

Yes, I said, I am happy.

I am happy because I see happiness as a determined, disciplined, continuous focus on positive aspects of life.

Am I always able to be so disciplined in it?

No. Especially if I choose to “explain” or “justify” it to someone (who is in a different focus mode) just because I want to "help" them when they are not even asking for my help or not in the way I can really give it. My selfish habit from the time of excessive, unbalanced empathy.

Am I capable to get to such feel good states over and over again?

Yes, like everyone else.

Practice makes it easier evey time.

The environment is not the cause of my happiness, more a consequence of my focus, my attitude, my most practiced beliefs...

Yes, it currently enhances this feel good mode, but the very same environment could equally magnify some experiences that are opposite of happiness. A matter of choice that in time, even changes those currently unfavourable “facts”...

All in good time and in accordance with the most practiced choice... #mustardseed / #faith #reticularactivatingsystem or #loa ... regardless which path of “explanation” I take, it comes to the same result: we are creators of our own experiences, our own realities....

We choose it, we give meaning to it, we define it, we focus on it.

No one can do it for ourselves and we can't do it for others in the way we often think we can (learned it the stubborn way) by convincing, preaching, pulling them towards what we think will make their lives better...

However, we can help those who want our help and ask for it, those that don't need convincing, just a bit more guided practice of what they already know as "their own innate power"... It is an enormous joy helping those, assisting them, witnessing their change and celebrating their movement with them...

And before and after this photograph was made I was remembering such occasions and that too made me happy...

Or... was I already happy and that attitude (inner environment) brought into perspective such occasions, remembering some recent sessions? Did such inner environment open possibility to see the outer as beautiful and inspiring... ?

Know the opposite of the "vicious circle"?

Virtuos circle. Equally in our own power to create.


In the now. Forward looking.

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