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Another wonderful day in the office

When I get a call from a client who says she is doing the exercises and feels great and now just wants a new session to share her latests successes and explore the depth and width of the feel good moments even further - I am flying high together with her.

That's what it is about.

Exercising, practicing the power of intention / attention, focus, law of attraction ... And expanding. Enhancing the experience of wellbeing, focusing on details in the moments when all is considered well (even though it always is so, just our focus of attention needs a shift)... And than it just gets better. What we focus on grows.

Expanding. Creating. Deliberately. That's what this inner gym is about. That. Experiencing more and practicing more of what you want... more. Joy.

She can feel how great she is and how success is inevitable once one is determined to allow it. She can. You can. On your own or with my or someone else's assistance. You can. Do you know that?

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