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       First time here and we don't know each other?  Welcome to my little online oasis. 

Here you can find a selection of my artworks such as; poems, photographs, paintings, video creations etc. 

All content shared here or linked on this website I have created either for specific individuals and for particular purposes at the time or as a reminder for myself  about certain experiences (including articles, essays, designs, innergym exercises, etc.) Innergym is a name I invented (not a very original idea, I know) many years ago in order to distinguish classical coaching sessions* I used to do from some which were a mixture of those with everything I've learned, personally experienced or came up with through life and found them helpful in various ways and loved to share them.

       I use this space for a variety of purposes and one of them is to share some of my creations with friends and with those whose current phase in life resonates with the content  I offer here. If you are one of them** - enjoy. You may find :

~ part of the content I make as a support in nurturing the experience of ( creative ) inner peace 

~ some stories that reveal themselves while I am playing with a pen, ink or paint  (part of my "relax  / let go / reset / allow Life Energy flow" practice/ritual) ~

~ some of my photographs, videos (and again - writings) created while contemplating or observing expressions of harmony, creativity and resourcefulness around me (to serve as reminders in challenging times) ~

Sunny greetings,


 Trained and certified in various methods / techniques / practices in the area of personal development / human potential / such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Psych-K, TfH applied kinesiology...


* * Self-reliant, self-aware individuals who take full responsibility for their own wellbeing and apply self-beneficial discernment of the offered content ( esp. related to the guided focus practices presented through video creations or in any other form - to be a support in relaxation, entertainment and used as an inspiration for creative personal development and is neither intended for therapeutic use nor as a replacement for such kinds of professional services).

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